Registration FAQs

Q: When do I need to pay the registration fee?

The registration fee must be paid right after submitting your registration form. Your registration is not complete until payment is paid. The final due date for payment is Wednesday, February 17th. Students who have not yet paid their registration fee by this date will not be guaranteed attendance at MUBS. UW-Madison students will have an extended deadline for submitting their registration fee of Sunday, March 13th (or later if interested in receiving a scholarship).


Q: Do I have to book the hotel on my own?

A: Yes, you will need to book accommodations separately. We have reduced the price of registration to reflect this and have provided a list of local recommended hotels for you.


Q: Can my school cover any of the cost to attend MUBS?

It is likely that your school will be able to cover some of the cost of attending MUBS. Contact programming staff or advisors within your business schools to see if your school is able to help reimburse you for the registration fee, travel costs, or hotel stay. Additionally, your school may offer travel grants to help you pay for the cost of travel to Madison, WI.


Q: What schools have been invited to attend MUBS?

We have invited the top business schools from around the Midwest to send student attendees to MUBS. If you have not received any communication from your school about MUBS, that does not mean that your school was not invited or that you are not able to attend MUBS.


Q: I am attending the summit alone and would like to share the cost of a hotel room. Can you help match me with roommates?

A: Definitely! Let us know as soon as possible if you would like us to help connect you with other attendees.


Q: What if I have friends or family in Madison? Am I able to stay with them instead of a hotel?

A: Of course! Just make sure that you have a plan for getting to and from campus for the summit!