The Case Competition

The case competition is the highlight of the Midwest Undergraduate Business Summit. Relating to the overall theme of the summit, the case will explore business leadership. Students will apply their learning throughout the course of the summit to the case by applying concepts to a real-world scenario. The goal of the case competition is for students to be engaged in the learning throughout the summit and exhibit their learning to a panel of business professionals. Winners of the case competition will be recognized at the team and individual level, with recognition also given to the top placing schools.


Team formation

Our planning team will be putting together case competition teams Thursday during the opening session, and students will know their teams by the end of the night on Thursday. This will allow students to meet their teammates the first day of the summit, and begin to discuss their strategy as they go through the summit. Teams will be between 5-7 members and will consist of two or three business schools per team.


Release of the case topic

The general focus of the case will be business leadership, with the release the topic of the case with general details to students March 28th. We do not expect work to be done prior to arriving to MUBS, as the details we release will simply get students thinking about the concept prior to their arrival.


Release of more specific case details

We will release more specific case details the morning of Friday, April 1st (second day of the summit). Students will then be able to take learning outcomes from workshops, conversations with business professionals, and our different panels to begin applying concepts to the case.


Case preparation

Students will not be working on the case overnight on Friday – we will not release the exact deliverables until Saturday morning, when students will have scheduled time for the case preparation.